Enjoy and earn with online poker

Before we get into what this is about let’s get to know what poker actually means, as it holds a different meaning for everyone. For some it means to have fun and hang out with the buds, to some it means an addiction and for some, it means an occasional festival ritual which everyone loves to follow. To define what it holds is that it basically is a card game which involves gambling and a set of particular skills to achieve in it. It sure seems to be easy but when money is involved it might not look as easy to you. In the same way, online poker potato777 is the card game which is used to play on the internet and even it involves gambling and particular skills to play this also includes money.

So, in the Indian culture November is supposed to be considered as the most festive season and as we name it Diwali is one of the biggest occasions where people come together to celebrate, all the gathering that takes place during that period be it amongst any group, people make sure the game of poker must be played, it’s a sign of showing joy amongst those, a sign of festivity. From at least the past decade it has become a ritual for all to have a specific week only dedicated to this game.

What all is required to play poker?

  • A deck of cards
  • Money for the purpose of betting
  • Tokens
  • Set of particulars skills
  • Well  versed with the rules of the game
  • Healthy competitive spirit

What are the basics of poker?

  • So basically the first step is to distribute the 3 cards each amongst the players.
  • There is no limit to the number of players in a particular game round.
  • Then the betting amount is discussed.
  • The next step involves the player to decide whether he wants to play as a blind chance or a seen chance.

By blind we mean that the player hasn’t seen his/her cards and the amount he is betting remains the one which was decided earlier, but if the player is playing the chance as seen it means the players have already seen his/her card and is knowing well what they are betting in, the betting amount here increase and gets double.

The game keeps on going and people who think that they can’t stand a chance or who sees what they have like numbers and decide that they want out they fold their cards that means they end their game then and there. So the person who is last standing in the game wins and takes away all the money which was given as their chance and bet.

Why November?

Well there is no particular reason as to why November, poker is not only restricted to that particular month per say, anyone can play it at any time of the day or month, it’s totally up to them, and it’s not like its not played otherwise there are place specifically for the purpose of playing poker or any card game for that matter, but why November? Because it’s all about the festive season it’s all about enjoyment, happiness, and togetherness. The type of poker played at that time, in all honesty, is devoted to fun nothing less nothing more. It’s a kind of a friendly competition which builds. 

To close it all in, one must always engage in activities which might bring you closer to your loved ones. Yes, gambling is a crime and is considered to be a punishable offense, but till the time it’s all happening in a healthy way and is not becoming an addiction for you, you are all good to go.

Learn how to enjoy yourself till the time you know how to keep things to a limit and how to get involved as a healthy spirit, you are good to go. And as we know Diwali is around the corner buckle up and enjoy.